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Creative Consulting

Talent Management

When everyone else is thinking outside the box, sometimes the best results come from thinking inside the circle, your circle. MOVES offers strategic consulting through a creative process that will leave a lasting impression on the target market. What is everyone else doing? How do you differentiate to reach the audience? MOVES finds that solution, and has the relationships and capacity to implement these strategies.

MOVES represents sports and entertainment talent for day-to-day management, brand-building, marketing, public relations and social media strategy. Individual clients are represented on a select basis to offer assurance of personalized service.

Talent Procurement

​With a close network of direct talent contacts, MOVES provides talent procurement services for brands for both campaigns and events. In today’s society, the public feeds upon celebrity interaction, and their endorsement or presence has become an indispensible asset to augment credibility and increase visibility. We work to find the best talent for the brands goals, and handle end-to-end fulfillment.


MOVES executives act as a private conduit to select ownership and senior executives for onsite access, fulfillment, and management. By referral only.